Vegetative Propagation and Micropropagation has Been Discussed at Large on Extramarks.

“Vegetative Propagation under the head Vegetative Propagation and Micropropagation from the subject matter of class 9 ICSE Biology have been explained in detail and discussed thoroughly on the Extramarks learning app. Extramarks has been on a mission to make the environment conducive and student-friendly where conceptual instead of theoretical knowledge can be offered. With the […]

Physics ICSE Class 9 Study Material for Board Exam Preparation

“As compared to earlier times, students now refer to so many available avenues to make themselves aware and prepared for their exams. There are, only a few ways to prepare that may give better results than others. These ICSE Study Material contain questions and types of questions that students could expect in the exams and […]

Get Confident about Heat and Energy, Non Renewable Resources of Energy

“Knowing about Non-Renewable Sources of Energy is important to save the planet. Solely depending on classroom teaching and the primary books provided in school, is not enough to score well in exams. Students often get confused over concepts and topics like Heat and Energy, Non-Renewable Sources of Energy, landing them in a tough spot. In […]

Learn the Ways of Measurement of Time on Extramarks

Introduction to the metric system in Physics can be confusing. Physics is a quantitative science. It requires parameters for Measurements and Experimentation. Measurement of Time, lengths, quantity, etc needs a unified system to be recognized everywhere in the same manner. Physicists deal in numbers but not just the numbers of the mathematician. A Physics enthusiast […]

E-Learning Solutions For NCERT Class 9 Social Science – Community Planning for Disaster Management

“Social Science is an important subject for students and has great importance in our daily life. As it studies the diverse topics with society matter which would be relevant to the issues related to society and its structure. Understanding this subject even helps us to live better. This is because of the elements and the […]

Step-Wise Thorough Solutions for Democratic Rights Class 9

Democratic Rights Class 9 NCERT Solutions are easily accessible to everyone who is willing to learn and educate themselves with a hassle-free process of learning with fun and interesting concepts. Browsing through a website or scrolling through an app is the best way to receive an education that is easy and effective. Extramarks website is […]

Historical References and Modern World: The Story of Pastoralists

“Early farming communities had to learn how to make the best use of the land which they occupied. For some this meant focusing more on crops than animals, for others, in less fertile landscapes, it meant focusing more on raising livestock. In the grasslands and highlands of Eurasia, the dry climate and poorer soil made […]

Extramarks Provides You with Interactive Learning and Teaching.

The first law of motion: An object remains in a state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force. Momentum refers to the momentum of an object is the product of its mass and velocity and has the same direction as that of the velocity. […]

Probability and Its Importance in History of Mathematics

Extramarks helps you solve all the Problems pertaining to CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Probability with a simple introduction to the most complicated concepts and chapters. Download the Extramarks application now to find answers to all your questions regarding CBSE Class 9 Mathematics- Probability and help yourself with the concepts with illustrations that explain every theory […]

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