Probability and Its Importance in History of Mathematics

Extramarks helps you solve all the Problems pertaining to CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Probability with a simple introduction to the most complicated concepts and chapters. Download the Extramarks application now to find answers to all your questions regarding CBSE Class 9 Mathematics- Probability and help yourself with the concepts with illustrations that explain every theory in detail, online video tutorials which help you revise all the concepts you want at your convenience, interactive study modules which support your learning with complete assistance and communication you need to make learning a fun and interesting process, the weekly assessments to track your weekly progress and let you concentrate on the different weakness and strengths in the right time so that you can improve upon them and discover the best of the Probability. Random processes can be described mathematically by using a probability model which is a list or description of the possible outcomes, each of which is assigned a probability. In situations such as flipping a coin, rolling a number cube, or drawing a card, it might be reasonable to assume various outcomes are equally likely. In a probability model, points represent outcomes and combine to make up events; probabilities of events can be computed by applying the Addition and Multiplication Rules. Interpreting these probabilities relies on an understanding of independence and conditional probability, which can be approached through an analysis. Technology plays an important role in statistics and probability by making it possible to generate plots, regression functions, and correlation coefficients, and to simulate many possible outcomes in a short time span.

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