Get Confident about Heat and Energy, Non Renewable Resources of Energy

“Knowing about Non-Renewable Sources of Energy is important to save the planet. Solely depending on classroom teaching and the primary books provided in school, is not enough to score well in exams. Students often get confused over concepts and topics like Heat and Energy, Non-Renewable Sources of Energy, landing them in a tough spot. In times like these, many students feel the pressure to put in more hours studying. At such a time, which student won’t enjoy a fun and innovative method of learning? Extramarks has a vast variety of study material for ICSE class 9 Physics syllabus, which the students can count on, as an ideal means of understanding the subject and concepts. Extramarks is a website and app that works as a reliable external source and hosts a complete studying guide with study material and wide additional resources. Thorough reading and practice can help students excel in academics. The platform also provides mock tests, sample papers and previous year’s question papers, enabling students to understand and grasp each concept with complete ease. The website is helpful for students who choose to be self-sufficient by understanding the proper theoretical aspects of the subject with easy, understandable and interesting study materials. The interactive tools used in Extramarks helps the students understand confusing concepts in a unique manner, making the learning process fun and enjoyable. Practice sheets and study material for ICSE class 9 Physics, provide extra support to students, helping them gain confidence in topics they are unsure about. Execution of audiovisual basics and help with getting started on topics like Heat and Energy, makes the subject fun to learn and helps students practice more. “

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