Learning for Class 9 Made Easy with this App

NCERT textbooks often do not contain the answers to some of the textbook questions and these questions are important in order to ensure better preparation for the examinations. These questions are present in the middle of the chapter based on a particular topic. These questions are often not discussed in the class and the students develop confusion regarding these questions. The offline solution guides mostly consist of summarized answers and do not address the topic directly. The vagueness of the answer makes it difficult for the students to understand the topic entirely. These answers are not suitable for the examinations as well as they will only get students average marks.
Extramarks-the learning app provides students with NCERT solutions for class 9 Is Matter Around Us Pure and many other important chapters of the curriculum. Students of all classes can access the NCERT solutions for all the subjects in the syllabus helping them study better. The textbook along with Extramarks can make a good study combination for the students. Students can rely on the Extramarks app for quality study material. The multimedia learning modules on the app makes learning a fun activity for the student and engages students for a longer period of time.
Extramarks adheres to the syllabus and designs content relevant to that and does not flood students with a lot of information. The content on the app is engaging and easy to understand helping students get done with their syllabus faster than usual.

A Friend in Maths by Extramarks

As ironical as it sounds, a student and subject maths, can never be friends. Some of us might disagree and challenge being best friends with the subject, but as the world analytic pole says, 84% of students around the world struggle with maths and generally suffer from depression if they fail in solving problems.
Precisely students in their secondary level of education. They take on extra classes for hours, spend extra time on learning formulae suggested by teachers and stay unaware of the fact that math is about the practice and not about learning.
Now Extramarks is an online platform that will give NCERT solutions for class 9 maths just on the tip of your fingers. Through this app there will be no dull experiences while solving math problems, a student can perform the problem in their own space without being pressurized to complete it in a limited period. If a student gets stuck somewhere whilst solving the sum, they won’t be yelled at or punished but will be helped by technological gurus present for them at all times.
This is a medium where we can collaborate for a brighter future, saving resources, ensuring time utilization, maintaining expenses on education and also receding the continuously growing pressure on students. It is also a great relieve for the parents who struggle with their children’s education system and also work throughout the day for wages. It will help students enjoy their grooming years and will ensure excellence in their respected fields and activities. To know more, download Extramarks.

Refer to Extramarks for Your Science Lessons

Science is one of the toughest subjects, in which students need to have clarity of concepts and better understanding because mugging up doesn’t work in science. Extramarks is an online platform, which provides study material, CBSE Solutions, NCERT solutions, sample papers and many more for students of all age groups.

Extramarks has got a team of highly qualified experts to design all these materials. It is based on CCE Pattern. It provides solutions as per the marking scheme. It provides 24X7 online support. It provides online video tutorials for better understanding.

Extramarks’ study material is short and precise, which covers all the key concepts. It gives students conceptual clarity. It includes proper illustrations and examples for proper understanding. 

NCERT and CBSE Solutions, provided by Extramarks, are students’ first choice. As these are easy to understand. It makes even the toughest of subjects and topics easy to understand with its study material and illustrations along with examples. Solutions at the end of the chapter give students a chance of self-evaluation as well as ideas about how to write answers.

As it is an online platform, it is easily accessible within a few clicks. Students can read as per their comfort anytime and anywhere. Now students don’t need to wait for the next day for the class to get their doubts cleared. Students can get their doubts cleared anytime and anywhere. Clear your concepts with the help of Extramarks’ CBSE Solutions for Class 9: Atoms and Molecules. Visit Extramarks for many more.

Find NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Here

Extramarks Education is an online learning website that provides students with all the resources that help them perform better without any stress or anxiety towards the exams. The company was established in 2007 and remains foremost in the domain of online learning platforms. Through mediums such as storytelling and with the help of rich media, the company creates content that is easily understandable by students. Extramarks Education makes learning more fun and interesting and gets rid of the boring notions that surround education. The firm has various apps developed for specific purposes for students to be able to learn and gain an education in a better manner. The Extramarks Learning App has the solutions to CBSE as well as ICSE problems and has a course that is built in a way that it runs parallel to the curriculum. It provides students with sample question papers as well as tests that help students perform better in their academic lives. The app also has various features that let students analyze their performance and work better. This helps the student learn about their strengths and weaknesses and thus improve upon the areas that they need to refine. This can eventually help the student understand themselves better. Extramarks Education has a global presence and is a recognized firm all over the world. It has received several awards for its work. The company has been working towards providing quality education to students of all classes. You can find NCERT solutions for class 9 maths on the link provided.

Extensive Lectures on CBSE Atoms and Molecules

Class 9 is a tough level to pass. After grade 8, you suddenly have to deal with difficult chapters like Atoms and Molecules, which is not very easy to understand. But don’t worry, because Extramarks have just solved your problem. It offers CBSE solutions for class 9 Atoms and Molecules chapter online where every student can get access to it. The aim of Extramarks, which is an online learning platform, is to provide quality education to everyone. It believes that education should not be accessible only if you are prosperous and wants it to be considered as a human right. You can get reading material too on Extramarks, as well as question papers and practice papers so that you are never out of practice. Previous year question papers are also provided by Extramarks so that you can get an idea of how the real questions will be and how to approach your question paper in the exam hall. So sign yourself up for an experience which is fun and knowledgeable at the same time, and you will never get bored while studying anymore. You can use your phone to study and do it at any possible time and opportunity. And the rest, Extramarks will do for you. It can make your dream of getting A in every subject possible. In return, it demands only a tad bit of dedication and motivation to study and get good marks. To know more, visit Extramarks online and register as soon as possible.

Study-habits with Extramarks

Extramarks is a studying platform where students can find everything they are looking for, to prepare well for their examinations. You can find CBSE solutions for class 9 Atoms and Molecules as well as solutions of other chapters which students tend to find most difficult. It is the best platform to learn as well as test your knowledge, for which it provides readings, notes, sample and test papers. It holds the trust of millions of students online and helps them to achieve what they never thought they could achieve. All the subjects under CBSE are available on Extramarks.
Extramarks is driven by the vision of building the best possible learning solutions for students, which are powered by the latest technology. All these Extramarks provides at minimum cost to students and parents because it believes that education is the right of everyone and should be provided without any cost. You can use Extramarks to your advantage, for various activities, like learning, revising, testing, etc. You are up for the best learning experience if you register to Extrarmarks.
Not only for class 9, but Extramarks also offers study material for other classes as well. Students from kindergarten to class12 can get access to quality education. It pays special attention to board classes and provides them with the previous year’s board question paper as well. It makes a student way ahead than his/her peers and makes them smarter by using smartest techniques to teach. It uses a method that will never bore the students and inspire them to study more. To know more, visit Extramarks now.

Maths Study Guide for Class 9

Mathematics is a subject that has so many questions, that it feels like solving them is equal to counting all the stars in the sky. The more you do, the more you get caught up in an even more difficult question and that drops down your confidence level when you’re unable to solve them. Then you seek out to your friends first to discuss and know the answer which many a time turns into a very long unnecessary discussion that leads to wastage of a lot of time. Then you try to seek a teacher that is often not available and are only there in school. So what to do next? You go online to look for an answer, and luckily you get it as well mostly because of the Study Material that is provided by many educational websites like Extramarks. These websites are so convenient, they can be accessed anytime of the day and night and on any medium possible. These websites have got answers to all the questions that are there in NCERT books. They have solutions even for the sample question papers as well as previous year question papers of the CBSE and ICSE board examination. They even provide students the question papers of the same. The Online Study Material is provided for class 1 to class 12. They have solutions and study material for all the subjects that fall under the CBSE and ICSE curriculum. To get NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths, visit the Extramarks website.  

Where to Study Math

Learning becomes fun when students find some unique features on the portal. Browsing on the online platform must fulfill their requirements and satisfy the students. Students must get their requisites at one place. They look for a reliable source of solutions, practice papers, sample papers and other study material. Online mode of learning helps students prepare themselves to provide all of these in no time and a detailed manner. 

When students find textbooks hard to understand from, online sites come to aid. Extramarks, an online learning platform, has tools that make learning easily accessible for students. The online group study and mentor support are some tools that attract students along with virtual learning with graphics and videos. It provides solutions for all classes and all subjects with the best tools like CBSE solutions for class 9 on quadrilaterals, question banks for all the classes.

Students find it more interesting to learn from videos as they retain more from the digital sources. Online learning helps students study independently at home and without any hustle to run from class to class. They tend to develop confidence and memorize concepts more patiently. Students can adhere to online learning at any hour of the day.

Students, parents and teachers look for a source that could extend good results with comprehensible learning. Virtual learning provides complete study material and textual solutions for all classes and of all subjects. Parents are assured about their kid’s progress with the constant monitoring of their performance. Hence, online learning platforms target to satisfy the needs of students and parents both, by providing them with an enhanced mode of learning.

Deconstructing Quadrilaterals

Online studying has become very important these days. Students know what is best for them. With a website that is reliable and customizable according to our needs, scoring a 100 in mathematics is not difficult. Everybody is familiar with how mathematics has been the result determiner for students all along. The subject needs some extra attention. 
How to find the area of a quadrilateral with the help of diagonals? Questions like these can be tricky and mind boggling, but far from rocket science. Getting the correct formula at the correct time is essential. Most of the times students are trapped in the four sides of these quadrilateral and are unable to get the solution out. Where does one find the solutions to these problems? Extramarks provides you with the best NCERT solutions for CBSE class 9. A wide range of different types of questions with complete detailed solutions are available on Extramarks .
The website is interactive and adapts to the requirements of the students. The modules created are attractive. The solutions are prepared by a team of experts, so there is no chance of errors. All the papers and solutions are accurate. The students only need to practice these solutions and they are all set to ace the exams. With the help of Extramarks, all the solutions are simplified and made easier to grasp by all the students. Extramarks is the most trusted website for studying online. If you want to get all the formulas right, register now. Click on the link below.
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