Vegetative Propagation and Micropropagation has Been Discussed at Large on Extramarks.

“Vegetative Propagation under the head Vegetative Propagation and Micropropagation from the subject matter of class 9 ICSE Biology have been explained in detail and discussed thoroughly on the Extramarks learning app. Extramarks has been on a mission to make the environment conducive and student-friendly where conceptual instead of theoretical knowledge can be offered. With the lack of faculties available to offer enough guidelines and study materials for ICSE, Extramarks comes as a rescue for all the students which caters to the all-round development of an individual. Extramarks also provides for various video and audio lessons that make the learning environment a bit more comfortable for young learners. In addition to this, Biology with its theoretical expanse is a difficult subject to study all by oneself. A dearth of any external help and faculties that offer to coach for a theoretical subject like Biology, Extramarks lets you have an upper hand as it offers the best guide for students of ICSE Biology Stream. For study material and sample papers regarding the class 9 Biological frame, get started with the Extramarks app now. Extramarks with its wide range of study material and sample papers prepares students excellently to face the upcoming exams at ease. The following link provides access to the Vegetative Propagation under the head Vegetative Propagation and Micropropagation section in class 9 ICSE Biology books. Looking for the best guide for a subject like Biology, download the Extramarks app now to avail the best study material online.”

Physics ICSE Class 9 Study Material for Board Exam Preparation

“As compared to earlier times, students now refer to so many available avenues to make themselves aware and prepared for their exams. There are, only a few ways to prepare that may give better results than others. These ICSE Study Material contain questions and types of questions that students could expect in the exams and hence, they are practising writing the exam from the comfort of their home. Most of the ICSE Study Material available nowadays are prepared by experts who are well-aware of the trending standards. The Class 9 Physics ICSE Study Material for Electricity: Potential Difference and Resistance by Extramarks for students are set in a manner that students can time themselves easily with them. This is very helpful for students to improve their speed of attempting the question papers and perform better in the exam too. While practising using ICSE Study Material, you can easily let yourself explore the areas that you feel you are weak in. Students looking for a complete exam preparation module can easily refer to these ICSE Study Material to increase their proficiency and strengthen their foundation in concepts. Extramarks provide students with Study Material and learning for all classes and subjects through Educational Technology. Extramarks online study modules are prepared in such an engaging way which gives an interesting interface to the students helping them to learn without any stress. ICSE Class 9 Study Material is available for all the subjects like Physics – Electricity, Potential Difference and Resistance Extramarks ICSE Study Material is mapped and aligned to the ICSE curriculum for Class 9 and 10th These ICSE resources are also useful during preparations for various competitive exams. Visit the Extramarks site for all your educational support and needs. Learning is fun with Extramarks. “

Get Confident about Heat and Energy, Non Renewable Resources of Energy

“Knowing about Non-Renewable Sources of Energy is important to save the planet. Solely depending on classroom teaching and the primary books provided in school, is not enough to score well in exams. Students often get confused over concepts and topics like Heat and Energy, Non-Renewable Sources of Energy, landing them in a tough spot. In times like these, many students feel the pressure to put in more hours studying. At such a time, which student won’t enjoy a fun and innovative method of learning? Extramarks has a vast variety of study material for ICSE class 9 Physics syllabus, which the students can count on, as an ideal means of understanding the subject and concepts. Extramarks is a website and app that works as a reliable external source and hosts a complete studying guide with study material and wide additional resources. Thorough reading and practice can help students excel in academics. The platform also provides mock tests, sample papers and previous year’s question papers, enabling students to understand and grasp each concept with complete ease. The website is helpful for students who choose to be self-sufficient by understanding the proper theoretical aspects of the subject with easy, understandable and interesting study materials. The interactive tools used in Extramarks helps the students understand confusing concepts in a unique manner, making the learning process fun and enjoyable. Practice sheets and study material for ICSE class 9 Physics, provide extra support to students, helping them gain confidence in topics they are unsure about. Execution of audiovisual basics and help with getting started on topics like Heat and Energy, makes the subject fun to learn and helps students practice more. “

Everything You Need to Know About Fluid Pressure

Have you ever seen a human pyramid? Imagine the condition of the guy in the bottom-most row. He is obviously carrying a lot more load than the guy on the first row. The same is the case with fluid pressure in a column. In a fluid column, as the depth increases, the fluid pressure increases as well. And why does this pressure increase? Because as you go deeper, fluid at a lower depth has to support fluid above it as well. Therefore to define it, we can say that pressure in fluids is the pressure at a point within a fluid arising due to the weight of the fluid. It is important to understand the term thrust first before understanding pressure. The force acting on a surface is known as the thrust. pressure can also be defined as thrust per unit surface area. Fluid pressure is the pressure exerted by a fluid. For example, water (fluid) in a glass (container) exerts pressure in all directions, at all points. Extramarks all this is made easier as it does not burden students. They provide flexible study hours for students and help them to cope up with studies as well as their leisure time. Extramarks focuses on students’ learning capabilities. It makes sure that the student is learning and not just hearing what is said just for the sake of it. Head to Extramarks if you wish to experience a new world of learning better and also with fun! Extramarks increases the chances of a student performing well due to the time their instructors give them. This also enhances their problem-solving and communication skills, as well as knowing how to defend their arguments to superiors if needed. Extramarks ensures that Students listen to lectures and complete assignments sent to them electronically, with no need to fight traffic, leave work early for class, or miss important family time. Online courses offer shy or more reticent students the opportunity to participate in class discussions more easily than face-to-face class sessions.

Learn the Ways of Measurement of Time on Extramarks

Introduction to the metric system in Physics can be confusing. Physics is a quantitative science. It requires parameters for Measurements and Experimentation. Measurement of Time, lengths, quantity, etc needs a unified system to be recognized everywhere in the same manner. Physicists deal in numbers but not just the numbers of the mathematician. A Physics enthusiast deals with numbers which are measurements, not the pure numbers of the mathematician. Hence Physics requires measurement of things. Measurement is very important in physics. Physicists are serious about measurements. You might remember doing an experiment, like determining the acceleration of gravity. The acceleration of gravity is “supposed to be” 9.8 m/s2. Your “answer” came out 10.3 m/s2, so your experiment “didn’t work” you were “in error” perhaps you even calculated your “per cent of error.” Extramarks provides you with an amazing plethora of explanations to the system of measurements and helps you explore the scope of Measurement and Experimentation. Measurement of time is explained in the way where you find a way to solve the issues regarding time differences around the world. Download the Extramarks application now and find how these concepts can be made easier through online video tutorials, interactive modules, weekly assessments to help you track your progress in a way where you can work on the weaknesses, activities to understand the practical implications of the theories and concepts, and a lot more. Avail the 7 Day Trial and find yourself exploring things for Physics and its different realms. Extramarks is your friend.

E-Learning Solutions For NCERT Class 9 Social Science – Community Planning for Disaster Management

“Social Science is an important subject for students and has great importance in our daily life. As it studies the diverse topics with society matter which would be relevant to the issues related to society and its structure. Understanding this subject even helps us to live better. This is because of the elements and the facts studied in Social Science and the results of which can be applied in all the real-world scenarios. The study of Social Science helps us in making society better and safe. Social Science can learn by theory and its implementation in a real-world scenario. While preparing for the exams students of Social Science seek e-learning solutions because they can get their problems resolved anytime, anywhere. Educational Technology has made it so accessible and affordable. It allows students to access learning solutions anytime anywhere. These online learning platforms save the time of the students as there is always a big pressure and shortage of time while preparing for the topic. For example, while studying Social Science a student might look for NCERT solutions CBSE Class 9 Social Science Community Planning for Disaster Management. In such a situation online study platform provides a solution that can help resolve this problem. Extramarks, a reputed Educational Technology company provide online e-learning solutions and courses for all classes and subjects. The modules give a complete view of each concept and are developed using animated images and videos. NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 9 Social Science Community Planning for Disaster Management topic are available at Extramarks, Extramarks has all its courses and content as per the CBSE pattern. “

Step-Wise Thorough Solutions for Democratic Rights Class 9

Democratic Rights Class 9 NCERT Solutions are easily accessible to everyone who is willing to learn and educate themselves with a hassle-free process of learning with fun and interesting concepts. Browsing through a website or scrolling through an app is the best way to receive an education that is easy and effective. Extramarks website is an elaborated and proper guidance master to the students. It makes learning actually fun and exciting. Tech-savvy students usually spend a lot of time on their mobiles for playing games and wasting their energies in things that are just for fun and not making themselves efficient enough. Students usually struggle with catching up with the newly introduced concepts of the subject. In addition to classroom lectures, students have to rely on external sources to acquire better knowledge. Extramarks has proved to be a digital education platform for learning, practising and attempting mock tests for complete and better understanding of the concepts taught at school. With Extramarks effective learning app and website, parents have supported their children in attaining great marks. It not only helps in understanding the concept but also supports and prepares you for exams with thorough practise through sample papers and additional study material with proper Democratic Rights Class 9 NCERT Solutions. Understanding the concept in class is different and revising it after getting back from school is different and using interesting audio-visual modules makes it more fun to learn through this app. Extramarks has helped students get engaged, motivated and attracted towards academics and is a great learning app and has Democratic Rights Class 9 NCERT Solutions for understanding the concept with more clarity.

Historical References and Modern World: The Story of Pastoralists

“Early farming communities had to learn how to make the best use of the land which they occupied. For some this meant focusing more on crops than animals, for others, in less fertile landscapes, it meant focusing more on raising livestock. In the grasslands and highlands of Eurasia, the dry climate and poorer soil made it hard to make a living from growing crops. In these regions, small groups developed a lifestyle based on keeping flocks and herds of animals. These groups became the first pastoralists. Animals, particularly sheep and cattle, require large amounts of grazing land to feed on, and need to be regularly moved from place to place to find fresh pastures. A pastoral economy, therefore, demands much more land than one based on crop-growing and supports a smaller population. Most pastoral societies, therefore, consist of small groups which tend to follow a nomadic or semi-nomadic way of life. In many cases, there is an annual cycle of grazing the herds in cooler, mountain pastures during the summer and bringing them down to warmer grasslands in winter. They live in a world that we have no clue about. Nomadic tribes still exist in the modern world and to help you explore all of them with the syllabus of Class 9, Extramarks brings to you the best of Pastoralists in the Modern World with elaborate descriptions, videos, interactive tutorials and case studies to help you with better understanding about the perspective into lives of people who survive with nature. Download the Extramarks application to study Pastoralists in the Modern World now.”

Extramarks Provides You with Interactive Learning and Teaching.

The first law of motion: An object remains in a state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force. Momentum refers to the momentum of an object is the product of its mass and velocity and has the same direction as that of the velocity. It’s S.I. unit is kg m/s. Extramarks is an app that provides students with the best study material online for force and laws of motion. If you are looking for study material for Force and Laws of Motion, this app is your saviour, with all the question papers integrated as per the CBSE guidelines and answer keys. Online learning is the best solution when exams are near or in general as well. Convenience matters. E-learning is cost-effective as well. With an aim to prepare you thoroughly, you are not only provided online coaching by the top faculties but have also compiled extensive study material with their help so as to make sure that you gain in-depth knowledge about each topic. The study material for Force and Laws of Motion includes concepts, illustrations, objective solved examples, subjective solved examples and exercises for each topic to help the students grasp the fundamental concepts properly. Basically, it includes all the information required to prepare for the board exams. Get access to all the data and the answer keys. Most of the students do not utilize their leisure hours well. They are either watching the TV or playing some game on their mobiles. Mobile app learning is the wisest choice for a student who has a debilitating level of concentration.

Probability and Its Importance in History of Mathematics

Extramarks helps you solve all the Problems pertaining to CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Probability with a simple introduction to the most complicated concepts and chapters. Download the Extramarks application now to find answers to all your questions regarding CBSE Class 9 Mathematics- Probability and help yourself with the concepts with illustrations that explain every theory in detail, online video tutorials which help you revise all the concepts you want at your convenience, interactive study modules which support your learning with complete assistance and communication you need to make learning a fun and interesting process, the weekly assessments to track your weekly progress and let you concentrate on the different weakness and strengths in the right time so that you can improve upon them and discover the best of the Probability. Random processes can be described mathematically by using a probability model which is a list or description of the possible outcomes, each of which is assigned a probability. In situations such as flipping a coin, rolling a number cube, or drawing a card, it might be reasonable to assume various outcomes are equally likely. In a probability model, points represent outcomes and combine to make up events; probabilities of events can be computed by applying the Addition and Multiplication Rules. Interpreting these probabilities relies on an understanding of independence and conditional probability, which can be approached through an analysis. Technology plays an important role in statistics and probability by making it possible to generate plots, regression functions, and correlation coefficients, and to simulate many possible outcomes in a short time span.

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