Gain Access to ICSE Board Papers

“Board preparation might be a daunting and stressful exercise for most students. Since the ICSE boards examination comprises of a plethora of streams and subjects, the main task before the student is to learn and be thorough with the syllabus. The Extramarks learn-test-practice pedagogy helps students go through extensive learning material interactively and adaptively and at the same time helps students clear concepts and form a strong foundation.
The supporting tools provided by Extramarks such as group study, note-taker and study scheduler can assist students to plan, organize and efficiently prepare for their ICSE board examinations. By the testing pattern, the Extramarks intelligent learning assesses the progress of the student and further customize it as per the student’s requirements. Extramarks strongly believes in practice as the key to excellence in performance, therefore, it has developed a rigorous, in-depth testing pattern.
Therefore it is the one-stop application program for all your practice needs for preparing for your ICSE board examination. The detailed ICSE board papers for past years and model papers for practice in every subject helps a student to take their learning to the next level. The ICSE board papers not only act as an excellent reference for familiarising students with the actual board pattern but also with solutions that are best suited for the same.
The ultimate idea is that where classroom teaching may fall short due to paucity of time, Extramarks helps and polishes the knowledge of the student while focusing on extensive practice. The way forward is indeed online learning.”

ICSE Computer Science Solutions

“Computer Science is a subject in which students can easily score high, even full marks and lift their overall percentage by a big margin. However, it requires both good command over theoretical concepts as well as a continuous practice. Students often lose easy marks by making small, careless errors. This can be avoided by completing exercises given in the class 9 textbook and verifying the solutions. Since most questions that are given in the textbook are created specifically for class 9 students, their solutions are not available on the internet in a step by step manner. Hence students may face difficulty in spotting their exact mistake and correcting it. A teacher can assist them in class, but during self-study or exam preparation, a teacher is not readily available. Extramarks provides Computer ICSE book solutions for Class 9 . This resource is designed to give students one-stop, no-hassle access to all the solutions they require for textbook questions, broken down into easy steps they can follow. Not only does it assist students who prefer to study alone or without a tutor, but it also encourages them to be mindful of their question-solving process. When students understand the logical problems behind their mistakes, it increases their grasp over computer science theory. Moreover, computer science, which is a relatively new subject in schools, is made less intimidating. Rather than feeling demoralized on getting incorrect solutions, students can reflect on their mistakes and avoid them during evaluations and exams. Extramarks is helping students achieve their academic goals and desires.”

Introduction to Lines and Angles

“Class IX is always the transforming phase of education. Things start to get tougher, especially when it comes to Mathematics. New topics and concepts are really challenging. They are really hard to understand but at the same time, they are very essential to score good marks and to crack other competitive examinations. Parents enroll their wards into various coaching centers which are expensive as well as exhausting for the children. Surely, every 9th grader has faced difficulty in dealing with Lines and Angeles. Students need interactive methods, latest graphics and animation technologies to make them familiar with these concepts. Here are the perfect solutions for every student who is facing the same problems. The learning app by Extramarks helps in understanding concepts, solving problems, completing an assignment, making projects and much more. It has reformed itself and added new features to bring more fun to learning and helping students to understand the concepts. The most exciting part is that Extramarks now provides CBSE solutions for class 9 on lines and Angeles. Other advantages of Extramarks include new 3D animation technology, latest graphics interface, extra focus on parameters like accuracy, time allocation, topic wise and difficulty wise analysis and most importantly, savings in terms of both time and money. The latter would have been spent on tuition fees and commutation expenses, which would also have added to the wastage of time. For the best learning experience and the most effective teaching methods for you or your child, download the Extramarks learning app. “

Computer Book Class 9 Solutions

Computer Science can get a little tricky, especially if you are in class 9, and your subjects have just been turned upwards in the level of difficulty. Also, learning Computer Science has proved to be more useful in the future than any other subject. It has become a necessity and an essential skill for any job description. Acquiring excellent computer skills that are in demand these days cannot be done if you study it in schools. Teaching in schools tends to be rushed and hence of little use. The teacher teaches only from the exam point of view and not from a knowledge point of view. That is why you need Extramarks, which will help you get good grades in school along with teaching you most thoroughly so that your basics are clear and you are ready to face the future. It offers CBSE class 9 computer book solutions, that are easy to understand and well detailed. These do not leave any doubt in the minds of students. The solutions are explained in the most convenient way so that students can grasp the concept as quickly as possible. They have a reliable source and are reputed to be the best amongst those provided by other sites. You can also get access to all the notes, sample papers and previous year’s question papers at just a click. Extramarks also gives its students options on what techniques they would like to study through. Some of these include Online Video Tutorials, PowerPoint Presentations, etc. So, get yourself registered on Extramarks, or visit it to know more about it.

Best Study Material For Economics

Extramarks is an online learning platform that caters to the needs of the students of all age groups. It provides comprehensive study packages for students of all classes from six different boards such as ICSE, CBSE, AP, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and NDMC. It serves the purpose of an overall companion for the students.

ICSE Class 9 Economics deals with basic concepts of Economics such as meaning and definition of economics, basic problems of the economy, types of economics and Indian economy such as poverty in India. Extramarks provides study package for students of ICSE Class 9 Economics. It includes study notes, textbook solutions, question banks, sample papers, and video tutorials for helping students ace the examination. All these are framed as per the latest syllabus and board guidelines. These are designed in a well structured and scheduled course to help students complete their syllabus in time so that they can have ample time for revision and practice.

Study notes help students attain conceptual clarity. These are designed in a simplified language for easy understanding. It also serves as the purpose of revision notes. Textbook solutions give students ideas of how to write answers for the questions. The constant practice of questions banks helps students get comfortable and confident in the subject. Extramarks’ ICSE Class 9 Economics Sample papers are preferred by students as it helps at the final stage of the preparation such as time management and marking scheme. 

All the study materials are designed by experts of the subject matter who has experience of teaching economics and proven track records of producing best results. The video tutorial and online support help students learn Economics with fun. Choose Extramarks and see the difference yourself.

NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 9 Mathematics

“Mathematics can be both the easiest and toughest subject for students. CBSE Class 9 Maths syllabus deals with foundational topics such as linear equation, coordinate geometry, number system and shapes. These concepts are used several times in the upper classes, so one must be clear with all these concepts. For conceptual clarity in Maths, one needs to do regular practice. Extramarks is an online solutions provider, which brings to you NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths. These solutions are designed by experts of the subject matter based on the latest marking schemes. It contains stepwise solutions with proper explanations in easy to understand language. It can help students in several ways. It can help students understand the stepwise process of solving the question. It can help students answer questions as per the marking scheme. It can also help students while doing their homework. For self-studying students, it is just like a boon. It helps them recheck their solutions. It also helps in understanding the correct way of solving questions. It can also help them with questions on which they are stuck. One of the special things about these solutions is that it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. These solutions help students attain efficiency with conceptual clarity. With these solutions, students can practice unstoppable for their exams. CBSE has a defined exam pattern, so the regular practise of NCERT problems ensures that students get confident to score well in the exam. It also offers other study materials such as question banks, sample papers, etc. “

ICSE Class 9 Question Papers Online

Getting hold of the sample papers or any other form of question paper can help the students prepare better for the exams. These papers help students prepare optimally for the examinations. Solving these papers can boost the confidence of the students and prevent them from feeling pressurized on the exam day. The papers for CBSE students are very easily available online as well as online. Various websites and study apps consist of the question papers for the CBSE Board. However, the students of ICSE board have a hard time looking for question papers for practice online. ICSE board papers are not as easily available on the internet as CBSE papers and due to this reason, students can end up losing a lot of their crucial time looking for these. Extramarks-the learning app helps students of the ICSE board by giving them access to papers, helping them prepare better for their examinations. Students get access to a number of papers for enhancing their preparations for exams and also work on the topics that are tough according to them. The app also has solutions for these papers that help students check their answers and rectify their mistakes in time for the exams. Solving these papers work as a confidence booster for the students before the exams. The papers are one of the best methods to practice before the examination, enough practice also helps students manage time better on the exam day. Download the Extramarks app now and try it free for 7 days.

Computer Solutions for ICSE Class 9

Computer as a subject interests a lot of students because it lets them learn about the various functions of the computer and advancements that the technology industry has gone through over the years. The textbooks for Computers at the school level are filled with basic information helping students develop a greater interest in the subject and even though the subject seems interesting to the students, it gets difficult for them to figure out the solutions to the various textbook questions. The students from ICSE board face a greater difficulty due to the lack of secondary study material online and offline.
With Computer ICSE book solution for class 9, Extramarks makes it easier for the students to learn and study the answers to the textbook questions. The teachers at school might often emphasize more on the practical part of the subject and leave out the theory part vaguely explained. The students, with Extramarks, can have a firm understanding of the theory in the subject and the practical aspect of the subject can be studied and understood with the help of various video lessons on the app. The video lessons are not just lectures but also graphics and animation based helping students understand the concepts thoroughly. The app can be the best learning companion for the students for all subjects. The app gives the students a free trial for 7 days where the students can try the app and choose a package according to their academic needs. Download the Extramarks app now.

Learn ICSE Economics Online

Have you searched the entire internet to find the solved papers to help you prepare for exams, but came up with nothing much useful? Many students spend a lot of time trying to find solved question papers. but without much result, as most of the sample papers available online are unsolved. As a result, students feel unsure about their answers while solving them and even get stuck on some difficult questions. That is why Extramarks brings you the perfect platform which can solve all your problems. Extramarks is one of the best e-learning websites in India. It provides learning material for all the Classes, from kindergarten to Class 12, and also covers all the major boards existing in the country. So, for example, if you are looking for ICSE Economics-Application solved paper for Class 9, you should visit the Extramarks website and get yourself registered to get your hands on a plethora of solved papers along with a number of other necessary study material and learning tools. The solutions provided for the solved papers are greatly detailed to remove any scope of doubt and the language employed is quite simple to make all the questions easy to comprehend. In addition to this, students can also have access to other useful features like interactive 3-D video tutorials, exhaustive practice question papers with well-explained solutions, previous year question papers, sample papers, and fun quizzes to pique your curiosity and increase your knowledge. So, visit the Extramarks website now and get your registered to enjoy the best learning experience.

Social Science with Solutions for class 9

Social Science is not the favourite subject for most of the students but it needs to be studied and understood in order to ensure an all-round performance in the examination. Social Science is a theory subject consisting of a number of subjects under it. Having a good understanding of all the subjects like History, Civics, Geography, etc is essential in order to have a better understanding of the subject. 
Students can really benefit from the textbook questions as these questions mostly re-appear in the CBSE examinations. However, these questions are often not given enough importance in the school and in turn not discussed by the teachers. Students have to look for the answers to them on their own and they often look for apps or websites or any other secondary study source that can help them get over the line. 
Extramarks is a name that is trusted by over six million students for studying efficiently online. The app and website consist of CBSE solutions for class 9 Social Science along with all the other important subjects in the syllabus. Students can practice and learn their textbook questions on the app and develop a better understanding of the subject. The students can also test their knowledge with the customizable chapter-wise tests and the various sample papers and previous question papers. Extramarks is the one-stop solution for all the academic needs of the students. Download the app and experience the world of interactive learning through the medium of the internet. 

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