Understand ICSE Class 9th Economics

These days the competition in the education sector is high so much so that students are expected to be on top of their game all the time and hence have to partake in the structure of simply learning but not understanding the nuances of the subject matter. Extramarks presents a solution to this problem because it believes that students should not just score high marks but should also be able to understand the nuances of the subject. For instance, if one were to consider the instance of ICSE Class 9 Economics, Extramarks has an entire section dedicated to it. It has everything namely, Meaning and Definitions of Economics, Basic Economic Entities in an Economy, Basic Problems of an Economy, Types of Economies, Characteristics of Indian Economy, Sectors of the Indian Economy. Extramarks uses the method of three-step method of Learn, Practice and Test wherein in the first section, Extramarks has made sure that the content is delivered in such a manner that it is intelligible to the students and helps them understand the subject matter. In the second method labelled Practice, Extramarks makes sure that the students apply the subject matter into practice and in the very last module labeled Test, one can undertake various quizzes that are specially designed for students to understand the heart of the matter and grasp the way they have understood the subject and hence are enabled to chart their progress and hence can make subsequent changes in the way they approach the subject matter.

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