Sample Papers Making Learning English Easy

Class 9 English brings numerous new concepts on the table for the students to learn and understand. The various new rules of grammar and the multiple writing skills are only a few among the many concepts that are introduced to the students. Class 9 is among the higher classes in school and the emphasis on rich learning and lengthy curriculum increases. It becomes very essential for the students to have a clear understanding of all the various concepts to perform better in the classroom as well as exams. Students can often feel that learning from textbooks and the teaching in the classroom isn’t enough to achieve the desired academic result and this makes them look for secondary study options that might enhance their learning experience and boost the learning process a bit. Extramarks-the learning app is one of the most popular online learning apps among the students and even among the teachers. The app caters to all the academic needs of the students and helps them understand better. The app consists of various interactive learning tools for the students to choose from. The customizable chapter-wise tests can help students focus on the chapters and topics they feel under confident about. The practice papers and the sample papers for Class 9 English let students get hold of the pattern of the exams better. One of the key highlights of the app is the National Level Weekly Tests where the students can put their knowledge to test on a national level competing against their fellow mates from all over the country.

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