Chemistry Questions Papers on this App Helping Students Learn Better

Studying Chemistry can be fun if you look at it that way. Extramarks provides you with a fun insight into Chemistry so that you don’t face difficulty in ICSE Class 9 Chemistry Question Papers when you practice for exams. Chemistry explains how the world around us works. After all, everything including us is made out of atoms and chemical compounds. That means that when we know the basics of chemistry we can understand how everything in the world interacts. When you understand the basics of chemistry, you can understand the world around you a lot better. Chemistry is also called the “central science,” because it connects just about all the other sciences to each other. When you know chemistry, you can better understand how biology, physics, geology, environmental science, and so many other disciplines work together. Without a basic understanding of chemistry, you can forget about understanding the other sciences. Chemistry defines the food we consume as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It helps us identify the essential fatty acids and amino acids which are needed by the body. Food process like the fermentation of molasses to obtain alcohol, baking can be studied by the help of chemistry. By chemistry we can identify the nature of colours, flavours and sweeteners added to food. Due to chemical modifications, we can make sweetener which is devoid of carbohydrates for the sake of people with diabetes. With the detailed knowledge about the subject, you’d be able to answer all the different ICSE Class 9 Chemistry Question Papers Extramarks provides you with and score the best in the exam.

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